The Boys Are Back! Gerry Gibbs, Ron Carter, and Kenny Barron: The Thrasher Dream Trio and Guests

Oftentimes good ideas simply materialize, like magic. Sometimes they come out of desires. Gerry Gibbs had just recorded and released Thrasher Dream Trio with [...]

The stars align for Joey Sommerville’s Overnight Sensation

Behind every musical overnight sensation are years of toiling away in rehearsal halls, recording studios and sweaty nightclubs meticulously honing one’s craft. In trumpeter [...]

Saying Goodbye to Joe Sample

The public Wake and Viewing for Joe Sample will be Friday, September 19th Location: Our Mother of Mercy Church 4000 Sumpter St., Houston TX, [...]

From the ABYSS Archives: Joe Sample; Soul Shadows ~ 2005 ~ ABYSS Remembers

Nobody does it better.  For four decades and counting, Joe Sample, pianist, keyboardist and composer continue to be an integral part of jazz history.  [...]

Dominique Toney – A Love Like Ours

Prepare to see and hear a lot from the young, beautiful, multi-talented and far-from-ordinary Dominique Toney in the years to come. Her natural gifts [...]

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